Friday, August 17, 2012

First Day of School

Today is Zachary's First Day of School! 
 He really wanted to wear his new Transformers t-shirt (which we could only find in one size too big) and check out those awesome Iron Man shoes.  He saw them on tv and made sure we went to Stride Rite when we went school shopping.
 His school is connected to our little subdivision, so we only have about a 5 minute walk and don't have to cross any main streets.  It was so cute that as we were headed out another little girl was walking along with her parents.  Zachary turned to her and said, "It looks like we are going to the same school!"  Zachary always tells Geno "We are best buds.  And best buds stick together no matter what!" 
The best buds headed to school.
 Putting all of his supplies into the group pile:
 He found his cubby.  He is #14.  I remember Uncle Mark being #14 and his daddy's football number was #14!
 The first week will be spent getting used to the school rules and the class procedures.  They start off the morning in circle singing "Rise and Shine."
 Hunter really wanted to go to school today, too, but maybe next year a couple of days a week.  As soon as we walked out of the school, he turned around in his stroller, put his arms up and said, "Hold me, PaPa!"  I guess he will be happy to have PaPa all to himself for a few hours each day :o)
 This was my 5th time to take a child to his First Day of Kindergarten and Geno's 3rd.  He was so concerned that things would be okay for Zachary. 
(There might even have been a few tears.)
He will be just fine, PaPa...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Favorite Things Party

In November 2010 I was invited to a "My Favorite Things" party. The invitation said to come up with one of your favorite things (limit of $6) and bring 5 (so you spend no more than $30).
I am a huge hot chocolate fan. I do enjoy the Godiva hot chocolate that is served at the Starbucks in Barnes&Noble back in Rogers, AR. I can't seem to find it at any other Starbucks. I try hot chocolate everywhere I go, but I have not found anything I like better than Land 'O Lakes. It is available in single packets at Wal-Mart stores everywhere for @$.50 each. At first, I was addicted to the mint flavor and then the raspberry. Every year they come out with a holiday pack that is available at Sam's club and features a new flavor. I always start looking in late September, early October to make sure I get a pack (or two or three). Once Dark Chocolate was introduced, I was addicted! Of course, that one is not available in the individual packs, so I have to wait until the holiday pack comes out to get some...and then hide it! I pull them out sparingly to enjoy when needed :o)
They did release Raspberry Dark Chocolate in the single packs this past year! Two of my favorites all in one? Perfection.
I think presentation is important, so this is how they all looked:
Each of my bags had a mug, 3 different flavors of hot chocolate, two dark chocolate dipped spoons (for some extra yummy flavor), and a bag of my and Geno's recent snack obsession.
The snack mix is craisins, raisins, almonds, almond slivers, and dark chocolate. It is so healthy and so yummy!

I know these parties are so last year, but I think I need to host one in my new area!
And a start a yearly cookie exchange...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

No Cavities!

Zachary was excited about his first dentist appointment, but a little nervous, too.
 The kids get to be in charge of Mr. Thirsty and suction out their own mouths.
 Flavor is a tough decision!  Grape, Strawberry or Bubble Gum?
 It didn't take long for Zachary to get relaxed.
 Dr. Josh took a look and said that he and PaPa are doing a perfect job on his teeth :o)
 Hunter was just supposed to have a "happy" appointment.  He got to watch brother and then just see how he felt about the chair, lights, Mr. Thirsty, etc.
He hopped right up in the chair:
 He didn't mind at all.  She said he was the most awesome 2yo ever, because he was going to let her clean his teeth!
 He liked it so much he just relaxed and enjoyed it all!
 He got to pick from the treasure chest after.

Zachary is Six

Zachary got  a card from his Mema and Pappy on the Saturday before his birthday!
We have taught him about TJ Maxx.  He can buy his favorite toys-Transformers-for about half the cost at other stores.  His plan was to add to his collection of Transformers, but he ended up getting Super Hero Squad instead.

His birthday was August 6th, and we decided his party should be that same day.  He chose Scooby Doo and the gang as his theme.  I went straight to Pinterest to see what ideas were out there.  I was able to find plenty of images to print, too.  I put my Cricut and my printer to work, and it started coming together:

One of the most popular ideas going around is having a photo booth with props.  I found some great felt props on Etsy, but they sold before I made the decision to get them. 
They reposted, but then we were on vacation and then they were on vacation and the party was so close and you get the point.  So, I did the best I could with my very limited artistic talents.  (That is why I have a Cricut!) 
Here is Zachary with the Velma props:
I love it!

I thought it would be fun to get a giant sub sandwich since Scooby and Shaggy are always eating.  It was $24 for a 4 ft or $28 for a 6 ft.  No brainer!  Here he is with 1/6 of the sub:
I forgot to take a picture of the food table, but we had cheese balls and Scooby snacks served in dog bowls.  I was able to get all of the party supplies at the dollar store in Paducah, KY when we visited mom and dad for a week.  They had the perfect colors.

I love the idea of putting out the treats for the goodie bags and just letting the kids choose.  We had m&m tubes, Scooby snacks, gumball tubes, Scooby fruit snacks, and Scooby suckers with popping candy. 
(I was able to find a store on Etsy and order a pdf of the round images that I could print as many as I wanted) 

We made Scooby collars with fruit loops.  Here is his friend, William, showing off his collar:

Zachary chose a cookie instead of a cake.  We were so happy to find out that Eileen's Colassal Cookies in Edmond, OK has a Scooby design.  These are the most awesome cookies EVER!
I guess he didn't care for our singing.

The photo props:
It was a pretty successful party.  Most importantly, Zachary had a good birthday!

Information Day

Zachary met his teacher today!
Meet Mrs. Todd. 
Yep, I think she looks like she could be in high school, too.  Maybe I am just getting old! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mud Puddle Fun

I think the pictures tell the story.
(Translated: I can't figure out how to add words between the photos with the way the new blogger is set up)
Love these two little two year-olds <3

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentine's Day

The morning of Valentine's Day was supposed to be the divorce/custody hearing for our second son. Due to some unusual circumstances, we filed for custody of the 2 little boys and the hearing got post-poned. We were happy that we got to spend time with the grandchildren and 3 of our 4 boys, but we were a little blown away by the horrible lies and accusations being thrown our way by our ex-DIL. Sadly, telling lies has become her truth. Geno and I were so caught up in our conversation that we even went to the wrong hotel. We didn't realize until we got inside and there was no staircase! We got quite a laugh out of it, though, and it helped to lighten the mood.
We had originally planned to go to The Melting Pot for Valentine's Day. When I saw that it was $130/couple, I just couldn't justify spending that much. I just spent that on groceries for almost 2 weeks' of meals for us. That is just too much for one meal! Maybe another day. So, I planned our date night Friday to be our Valentine's Day celebration. We were to have bruschetta for an appetizer, black bean soup and cornbread for dinner, and individual apple crisps for dessert. I so want to use my ramekins! So I set the table:
Geno hasn't been feeling well lately, and really hasn't been eating much. We ate a late lunch-avocado chicken salad in ww pitas-so the bruschetta ended up being dinner. We watched 17 Miracles. Such a great movie, and exactly what I needed right now. We had the bean soup and cornbread for dinner Saturday, and I am still planning to use those ramekins...